In occupied Crimea, on the bank of the Kerch Strait, the local inhabitants noticed that lots of swimming birds died. During a month, the people of Kerch notice the lifeless bird carcasses scattered all over the places, in different city districts.

Thus, in Arshynstevo District, along the breaking wave line, about 20 dead bodies of various kinds of birds were noticed. In another district, on Smorzhevskiy beach and along the shore of the water-based leisure area CHEREPASHKA, the swimming birds’ carcasses are scattered all over, too. 

The citizens assume that the situation of that kind could arose because of the actions of the joint-stock company Kamysh-Burun Iron-Ore Plant. However, in the so-called Ministry of the Environmental Protection, they disproved the versions of Kerch citizens and explained that the birds died in the result of the natural processes in the sea, so their carcasses were brought by the storm onto the shore.

At the same time, the dead carcasses of the feathered are still left lying on the beaches, on the territories of the water-based leisure area.