In Simferopol, the occupants were astonished by the citizens, to a great extent. The people preferred admiring a fountain to seeing the monument to Lenin on their main square. Thus, the citizens of Simferopol answered the questions from the sociological survey on the problems of the improvement of the public areas in the city and spoke their minds freely for the cardinal reconstruction of the central square. Most People Who Were Inquired think a fountain with drinking water must be installed on the place of the monument to Lenin.  That was reported by the so-called Administration of Simferopol.

The local citizens consider that a present-day territory of the main city square is drastically uncomfortable.  To their mind, creating a space for walks with the verdurization and fountain with drinking water, on the site of the monument, would help to change the situation in the city. 

At the same time, the occupation authorities explained that such cardinal transformations in the improvement of the city square must be not awaited. ‘Lenin will be left standing on his place and a fountain as it looked like before, in its past, cannot be reconstructed, either’, the administration informed.

As it is reported, the fountain on the main city square is a no-no, due to water scarcity.