According to press reports, a car with the militant “commander”, Serhiy Anatoliyovych Popov, born in 1976, was blown up in occupied Horlivka. An improvised explosive device, installed under the car, allegedly detonated; During the explosion, the militant’s daughter was also in the car, which was not significantly damaged. Serhiy Popov’s injuries are assessed as moderate ones [1].

This Sergei Popov with the call sign “Dolgii” (“Long”) is known for his active participation in the Russian invasion to the Crimea, where he was a part of the “Self-Defense of Crimea”. As Popov “did not find himself” at “another job”, he returned to Horlivka, and was a close associate of the militant Igor Bezler, he took part in hostilities as a member of the group, and supervised the repair of military equipment.

Serhiy Popov is also known by the nicknames “Duremar”, “Staryi” (“Old”), and he also passes by the “personnel records” of the so-called “third separate motorized infantry brigade “Berkut DNR”” in October 2014. Such “account” reflects Popov’s “service” as a “company commander” in the so-called “second motorized infantry company of the first mechanized battalion”. The SBU Office in Vinnytsia Oblast is investigating the relevant criminal proceedings [2].

It is reported on social networks that the reason for the assassination was allegedly the “redistribution” of the drug market, for the control of which Mr. Popov was actively fighting.