“ATR” TV owner and businessman Lenur Islamov is often associated with the “blockade of Crimea” and with outrage. The accompanying “media noise” prevented the assessment of the interesting specifics of his relationship with various authorities and other structures. But in 2021, the expert community “suddenly” resonated with the report of the Ukrainian Accounting Chamber in 2019. The report referred to the realization of the vast majority of the budget program “Resettlement and Arrangement of Deported Crimean Tatars and Persons of other Nationalities” funding by the “Atlant” SV, as the managing company for the “ATR” TV channel. However, this is only a small part of the interesting events, related to the Russian businessman, who moved from Simferopol to Kyiv in 2015.

Shocking Asia and the Moscow Chronicles

To study the phenomenon of Lenur Islamov, it is necessary to understand the conditions under which he developed as a person. He is a Crimean Tatar who was born in Uzbekistan in a family that survived deportation. Islamov’s parents were doctors at the Soviet Union time, which automatically referred them to the intellectual elite of that period, and they were also fond of sports. Among other things, his mother became the USSR volleyball champion, and his father was a sport master of swimming. Islamov himself says that his parents were among the fighters for the of Crimean Tatars’ rights in Uzbekistan. The model of society and mentality of Central Asia, related to the attitude to power, group and individuals, are very different from the Ukrainian ones. Lenur Islamov was formed in such conditions. Therefore, something what may be unusual for us, someone may consider as the natural order of things.

Islamov says that he first followed in his father’s footsteps, received a degree in dentistry in Tashkent and worked for a while, but then realized that his business attracted him more. And in the late 1980s, Lenur began to take the first commercial steps with the support of his uncle, Eskender Islamov, head of the Uzbek branch of the largest Soviet company “AvtoVAZ” [1]. In the U.S.S.R., which suffered from a shortage of cars, the position of director of the “AvtoVAZ” republican division was similar, in terms of power and capabilities to the level of secretaries of the Communist Party Republican Committee. In the conditions of the “cooperative movement” of the second half of the 1980s, the position of Lenur Islamov’s uncle opened up the widest opportunities for the accumulation of primary capital. Thus, Islamov was not at least the average Crimean Tatar who suffered in Asian exile, but a native of the influential nomenklatura, the capital’s clan of Uzbekistan.

It should also be born in mind, that during the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and in the first half of the 1990s, most of the businesses, appeared in the post-Soviet space, were divided between the secret services and systemic criminal structures, merged with the governing authorities. Those who did not accept such rules of the game, were shot. Therefore, for the thinking reader, the transformation of Lenur Islamov into a great car tycoon, who moved to Moscow in the 90s, as well as his acquisition of Russian citizenship does not require the additional comments.

The Russians themselves claim that Lenur Islamov became a dollar millionaire allegedly due to his friendship with an influential Uzbek official, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Abduvohid Dzhurayev, who allegedly helped Islamov become a monopoly dealer on the sale of Uzbek-complected “Daewoo” cars to the Russia. Probably then Lenur Islamov’s talent was honed to monetize the administrative resources and to conduct successful business, based on public money, regardless of the name of the country of such emission [10].

We also remind the reader that customs and the passage of such specific goods as the cars across the border between Central Asia states and Russia – is an exclusive area of the FSB Border Cervice. It would be strange to talk about the success of such business without the “close work” in this area and without a “friendly partnership”.

Uzbekistan has significant reserves of uranium, gold, gas, and coal and it has a significant regional, albeit resource economy. At the same time, China, which has taken over Uzbek uranium mines, Russia and the United States, are competing for control over resources and the real sector of the Uzbek economy. Moreover, the influence of China in modern Uzbekistan is particularly strong. Own productions make up a smaller part of the economy and are important for balancing state relations with major players. Lenur Islamov, who became a key exclusive dealer of the Uzbek car industry in Russia, could not avoid to become acquainted with influential officials and the representatives of key foreign groups in Uzbekistan. But even then Islamov appeared in the Ukrainian economy as a person who sells Ukrainian-Korean “ZAZ-Daewoo” cars. However, that stage of his activity was not accompanied by high-profile political events. It it worth to mention that Islamov received a Ukrainian passport, according to his own statements, in a quite original way [32].

In Asia, official Abduvohid Dzhuraev, who was considered as Lenur Islamov’s patron, was perished in a car crash in 2005, and other sources say they allegedly saw Dzhuraev alive after the official date of his death. However, after 2005, traces of this man disappear in open sources. This does not worsen the situation of Lenur Islamov. On the contrary, he continues to grow in Moscow as a successful car dealer.

Islamov’s termination of cooperation with the Uzbek-Korean car manufacturer and the transformation of this businessman into a Russian representative of the largest Chinese car plant “FAW” in 2012 were quite typical [4]. Commodity expansion into world markets is a strategic direction of communist China’s foreign policy. Leaving to the reader’s discretion the hypothesis that China’s key plant has entrusted a significant Russian market to a specialist, not coordinated with the Communist Party and with the special services of China. Again, the import of large consignments of equipment to Russia involves a partnership with the FSB, a significant part of which itself has long worked for China, which is economically superior to Russia.

In general, the rise of Lenur Islamov’s business evokes the feeling that some mysterious and strong hand led him to the planned positions. The businessman himself has repeatedly stated in interviews that he is not someone’s project. However, sometimes an extremely serious project is implemented in such way that even the project tool itself does not understand whom it has become and why it happened.

Islamov and Crimea before the occupation

Unfortunately, the tragedy of the Crimean Tatars is a way of earning money for many. For more than thirty years since the beginning of the epic on the return home to the Crimea of the indigenous people, who survived the deportation, hundreds of stories have been heard that the certain money, allocated by the state or private organizations, did not reach ordinary and very certain Crimean Tatars. Also, the tragedy of the Crimean Tatars was repeatedly cynically used in their interests by various political forces. Of course, it is possible that the sudden interest of the dollar millionaire Islamov in his ethnic roots is not just an interest.

In various interviews, Lenur Islamov said that many of his relatives and friends have returned to the Crimea and live on the peninsula. And that he allegedly started a business in the Crimea because his children complained that the peninsula was “too sad and gray”, compared to Moscow. From this we can assume that the Islamov family, as “typical Muscovites”, may not have liked the deep meanings of Crimea. These “grounds for moving” are reminiscent of a genre scene, when Moscow children complain about the lack of “Wi-Fi” on the Crimean beach and fuss when they are offered to break away from the smartphone and go swimming.

But the powerful development of the Lenur Islamov’s group of companies in the Crimea begins exactly from such “legend of childhood” in 2011. By a strange coincidence, this cojuncted with the beginning of the active phase of preparations for the Russian invasion of Crimea, which was once recognized by the odious Rustam Temirgaliev, who worked with Lenur Islamov [5]. In Crimea, where all land issues were controlled by pro-Russian criminals, Islamov was allocated a large plot of land for the construction of a huge sports center for national Kuresh wrestling. It is reported that Islamov as the patron donates six million dollars for this.

The rapid development of Islamov’s “SimCityTrans” bus company in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol was no less interesting. We will remind the reader that it happened already during the Yanukovych’s presidency and the relevant “raid” of  the Donetsk-Makeyevka mafia on the peninsula, taking away from the local population all more or less attractive businesses. This group illegally worked under the auspices of Anatolii Mohyliov, known for his Tatar-phobia, who sent, for example, special police forces and special equipment with orders to destroy the Crimean Tatar trading town on Ai-Petri plateau.

And suddenly, “Donetsk” bosses Vasily Dzharty and Mohyliov allowed to Lenur Islamov, a Crimean Tatar with a Russian passport, to occupy most of the very lucrative market for passenger traffic in the two-million Crimea, full of tourists. As if some powerful hand, not from Moscow, but from much more distant borders, clicked its fingers, the “swan word” sounded, after which the “authoritative Donetsk officials” took it under their hood. Let us remind the reader that at the same time and until 2013 inclusive, the Yanukovych clan and the aforementioned Temirgaliev actively tried to sell Crimean assets to the Chinese through various combinations and machinations.

At the same time, Islamov, who is becoming an influential Crimean businessman, is even more active as a philanthropist. For example, he published at his own expense four volumes of fundamental work on the Crimean Tatars’ history, written in St. Petersburg by historian Dr. Valery Vozgrin [6]. At the same time, Lenur Islamov bought the shares of the Crimean Tatar TV channel “ATR” and the radio station “Leader” from the People’s Deputy Serhiy Kunitsyn, and all this turned into a powerful media holding [7]. In Crimea, people begun to understand gradually that Lenur Islamov was targeting as a new Crimean Tatars’ leader, and in the pre-war 2013 the businessman often became the hero of big interviews:

“… Lenur-bey, you are a citizen of Russia, and you were not elected as a delegate of the Qurultai of the Crimean Tatar People, but it represents the political force, led by you, which ended the election race with a good result. Why do you need this?

“You said it yourself a little earlier – to destroy the Mejlis, and then we will separate Crimea and join somewhere – either to America or to Russia …(laughs)…” [8].

At the same time, Islamov actively criticized the Mejlis and the Qurultai of the Crimean Tatar People “for their archaicness”. Without entering into excessive controversy with longtime leaders Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemilev, he began to position himself as a kind of Crimean Tatar reformer and technocrat. Given the specifics of the indigenous people, which survived the historical tragedy, then no one wondered why the successful Moscow businessman actually needed to develop a tumultuous activity in the Crimea.

An analysis of the press in those years suggests that Chubarov and Dzhemilev were clearly “unhappy” with Lenur Islamov’s claims to leadership, who, according to Russian sources, had a personal fortune of up to $ 100 million. But they built diplomatic relations with him, as they were clearly interested in transforming “ATR” into an influential Crimean TV channel. This became one of Islamov’s main “trump cards” before the occupation.

At that time, no one asked Lenur Islamov, who positioned himself as a supporter of the Muslims’ and Turkic peoples’ rights’ protection, the question on ethics of his collaboration with the largest Chinese manufacturer “FAW”. After helping the Chinese car industry in foreign markets, Islamov at least filled the budget of communist China, part of which has been used for decades to carry out repressions, organized under the canons of totalitarianism against millions of Turkic-speaking residents of Xinjiang who profess Islam.

Islamov and the occupation of Crimea

This businessman was called as one of the mass actions’ participants near the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea building in February 2014, and Russian “security officers” later granted to Islamov in absentia the status of one of the “riots’ organizers”. Then the mass actions did not prevent the occupation corps of “green men” to occupy the administrative buildings of Simferopol. Islamov became the “deputy prime minister” in the “Crimean government” of Sergei Aksyonov, known in the criminal world as the “Goblin”. Islamov himself explained those events as “the duty to conduct a dialogue with the occupiers in the Crimean Tatars’ interests”.

By a strange coincidence, Islamov was “released” from the “government” of Crimea almost simultaneously with the “release” of Rustam Temirgaliev. He was “fired” after the audacious robbery of “Oschadbank” in Simferopol, for which the “official” avoided responsibility by handing over all the loot for “responsible storage” to certain FSB colonels who “successfully went for coffee”. After that, Temirgaliev received a sinecure in the form of a highly paid post of director of the “Russian-Chinese Investment Fund”. Let us draw the readers’ attention to the fact that this foundation once again brings us to the questions and interests of Mao Zedong’s followers. However, Lenur Islamov has not taken any organizational or political action related to China in public since 2014. That is, either there is no black cat in the dark room at all, or it is a very, very smart cat.

However, Islamov’s withdrawal from the “government” of Crimea, where he was replaced by a purely Russian project “Ruslan Balbek”, which was being prepared for many years [12], may seem a symptom that the situation went “somehow wrong”. In May 2014, the Russian press discussed the businessman’s “resignation” and recalled that he had allegedly refused to go to Kherson to negotiate the resumption of water supplies to the Crimean economy via the North Crimean Canal. However, it is possible that some global players differed somewhat on the “Crimean issue”, after which somebody became sharply needed not in Simferopol, but in Kyiv. In such cases, opinions are not asked even from a very expensive tool.

But even after his “resignation”, the businessman, who became a well-known politician, retains influence in Crimea. “ATR” TV channel continues to operate for some time. Under sanctions, “Just Bank” joins the “economy” of the occupied peninsula. “SimCityTrans”, then owned a significant part of the passenger transport market, and the “iCom” network, which, despite sanctions, selled “Apple” equipment, continued to operate. In Russia, the business of selling Chinese cars through the dealer network of the businessman “Km/h”, managed by the company “Queengroup”, continued.

On December 11, 2014, Lenur Islamov for some reason interacted with the “mayor” of Yalta Andriy Rostenko. The “mayor” then signed a “resolution № 149-n” on “changing the type of permitted use” of land under the sports center, which belonged, according to open sources, Islamov in Gurzuf, as the “patrimony” of runaway Prime Minister Mykola Azarov [14]. This may indicate Islamov’s normal relations with Rostenko, as the right hand of the “head of the Crimea” Aksyonov, as such “re-registrations” then took place either for a bribe or for the call of “higher authorities” [15].

It is possible that the legally insignificant “Russian documents” on the Gurzuf assets appeared because some events had already taken place that foreshadowed the businessman’s departure from the Crimea. And it may have been a kind of “revenge”. After all, from a legal point of view, any further operations of the Russians with the “Gurzuf asset” are insignificant and only give rise to the restoration of property rights in international bodies. People well acquainted with the businessman say about that period that he was a very rich man who had excellent relations with the Kremlin, with the Russian secret services and in general “everything was in chocolate”. Our interlocutors are also afraid even to think about the possible real reasons for further events, to which the title of the book “I Ching” (“Book of Changes”) fits so well.

Publicly, the conflict erupted in early 2015, when Islamov was not granted a “Russian license” to broadcast his TV channel “ATR”. In response, accusations of all current troubles of the Crimea of the former Aksyonov’s “party”, “Russian unity”, which since 2014 “seized all power in the Crimea” began. It is possible that this was a signal to the Kremlin, that no one intends to go directly to war with the “federals”. At that stage, the accusations against the “Saylem” clan of Aksonov hid the true state of affairs in the Crimea and fit into the typical Eurasian method “the khan is good, the lords are bad”.

However, the Russian secret services did not accept such “eastern diplomacy”. Yesterday’s “compatriot” began to be demonized with classic clichés about “Islamic terrorism” and accusations of trying to ruin the lives of Crimean Tatars, “taken under the care of the Russian Federation”. Moreover, the Russians spread in the media reports, that the 180-apartment house, built for the Crimean Tatars, opened with a great pomp as a “gift from Russia”, was allegedly put into operation by the construction company “Monolith” by the price, inflated in five times [16]. However, here the Russians traditionally “shot themselves”. It quickly became clear that the house was begun to be constructed in 2008 by Ukraine to solve the housing problems of the Crimean Tatars.

In other words, it was the pro-Russian “Donetsk” authorities in Crimea that delayed the delivery of such important facility for several years, and then it abruptly “became ready” as a tool for the Kremlin’s propahanda campaign. And here the Russians hint that there could be a conflict between “Deputy Prime Minister” Lenur Islamov and “Head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov. After all, “Monolit” is a firm that is the part of Aksyonov’s family business [35], which could simply not “determine the numbers” with Islamov, who “supervised the Crimean Tatar issue” regarding the commissioning of the building. We do not reject the option that the dollar millionaire could be fundamentally “angry” at Aksonov, as yesterday’s small six of the gang “Saylem”. After all, it was Aksyonov who began to use his role as the Kremlin’s main puppet to divide the budget “out of concept” and to monopolize the cut of “budget millions”.

Islamov and the authorities of Ukraine

In the wake of high-profile accusations and escalating conflict with the Russian invaders, Islamov moved from Simferopol to Kyiv. Here, for some reason, the Russian businessman was immediately “brought to the court” by President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Islamov kept, according to the registers, his assets remained after this demarche. In particular, this was a stake in the company “Queengroup”, which selled Chinese cars, which amounted to 61.8 million rubles in April 2015, as well as active “Just Bank” and “Bank RESO Credit (JSC)”. Also, his company “SimCityTrans” remained as the largest bus carrier in the Crimea. According to the businessman himself, the problems in his business began in the spring of 2014 due to the refusal of the Crimean Tatars to recognize the Russian occupation. However, this is a bit tricky, because in other interviews Islamov stated that he would not pay debts, including in Ukraine, and did not see anything wrong with his commercial transactions with the help of several passports [31], [32].

The businessman then made loud statements in Ukraine, visited Turkey and reported on allegedly reached “serious agreements” to assist Ankara in resolving the problems of the Crimean Tatars. This, however, is designed for a citizen that is very inexperienced in the “Turkish question”. Because the real Turkish Crimean Tatar policy is connected with completely other personalities, admitted, unlike Islamov, in the holiday of the saints – the internal “political kitchen” of the Ataturk Republic, as well as in key areas of its economy.

The businessman also began to make accusatory comments to journalists that many Ukrainian businessmen were doing business with Crimea and profiting from the tragedy of the occupation, claiming that the surrender of the peninsula was “an agreement”. At the same time, for some reason, he criticized characters, who did not find common ground with President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, as well as Crimean figures, “approved for condemnation” officially. By the way, shortly after receiving “ATR” funds from the state budget of Ukraine, regarding another “strange coincidence”, the company “Roshen”, which is associated with Poroshenko, received wide access to the domestic Chinese market. And, of course, no one told the Ukrainian public about the high-ranking owners of a successful Yalta cinema.

In the second half of 2015, Lenur Islamov gained worldwide popularity through the food and energy “blockade” of Crimea, which is associated with controlled business groups. Interestingly, at the beginning of these events in the Kherson region, the deputy chief of the regional police was Ilya Kiva. Then Kiva somehow became the head of the department for combating drug crime and already in this capacity “stormed” the Lenur Islamov’s “civil activists” near the blown up electric power pylons [17]. Participation of Kiva in those events, as the odious, and pro-Russian (in the future) freak, with the legend of “politics”, is worth the attention of thoughtful readers. As a result, Russian propaganda media received a layer of material to create hundreds of Ukrainophobic stories.

The thesis “Lenur Islamov – the organizer of the energy blockade of Crimea” spread by the Russian media became a formal basis for the seizure of the businessman’s assets in Russia and Crimea. But at the same time interesting details began to emerge. It turned out that one of Lenur Islamov’s financiers was the “Christian Orthodox Bank” “Peresvet” of the Moscow Patriarchate, which served the car dealer “Queengroup” and the carrier “SimCityTrans” [18]. But the problems in the bank “Peresvet”, which was personally under the care of Dmitry Patrushev, the son of Secretary of the Russia’s Security Council [20], began after the seizure of Islamov’s assets by Russian “security forces”. It is very likely that the Russian “Chekists” found in this Orthodox bank, as a result of the its authoritative Crimean clients’ “shrinkage”, something, to put it mildly, too Confucian.

At the same time, the Russians squeezed form Islamov the “SimCityTrans”, as the largest regional carrier, and other assets on the peninsula. The businessman then claimed that he had lost ten million dollars in Crimea because of this and called on the Ukrainian authorities to take immediate measures to deoccupy Crimea. Poroshenko’s team did not take effective measures, but soon after the businessman’s demarche, the Lenur Islamov’s “ATR” TV channel began to be funded from the Ukrainian State Budget directly [10].

The Russians, in turn, continued to use the image of a businessman to demonize Crimean Tatars and to intimidate Crimeans with “Islamic terrorism”. It was reported that Islamov and his flagship “Queengroup” were allegedly bankrupt due to a debt of 1.2 billion rubles to the Russian “Sberbank”, which was also accompanied by the revocation of the license of “Just Bank”, which belonged to the businessman [19]. Then the media wrote that Islamov allegedly had many complaints from companies in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, which had previously allocated money to the businessman.

It was reported that when describing Islamov’s car centers and offices, creditors allegedly faced a lack of valuables there. The occupiers also complained that apartments in Moscow, a sports complex in Gurzuf and facilities in Simferopol had to be “sold to collect debts” at a very low prices. Opponents of the businessman from the Russian secret services claimed that Islamov allegedly managed to keep part of the business in the Crimea by re-registering as fictitious persons. This is strange, because the Russian regime exists on the principles of economic fascism, which involves the complete suppression of disloyal figures.

But if such structures as LLC “Autospetscentr Named after Havaji” immediately ceased operations [22] with the beginning of the official conflict between the “Crimean authorities” and Lenur Islamov, a group of five companies, which were associated with the businessman, then found a new nominal owner – Vasily Ivanovich Kazmirchuk [23]. Moreover, two “SimCityTrans” LLCs appeared in the official Russian registers at once, both liquidated one and other, operating under the leadership of Kazmirchuk [21].

At the same time, LLC “Itburun” appeared in the summer of 2016 in the Kherson Region [24] with the type of activity “growing berries, nuts, other fruit trees and shrubs”, and with the same Vasily Kazmirchuk as the founder [24]. Interest in agriculture by businessmen, associated with Lenur Islamov, arose at the same time as scandalous news appeared in the media about alleged attempts to establish “special rules” for crossing the administrative border between Crimea and Kherson region, which took place for fruits and vegetables [25]. However, at various times, many “authoritative fighters” tried to profit from “Crimean smuggling”, as well as some “happily released” and now well-known “prisoners of conscience” with close relatives in the invaders’ administration. Therefore, as the philosopher Lao Tzu, who is quite relevant in the context of our history, teaches, this common question should not be associated with certain  individuals.

At the same time, the bankruptcy of Lenur Islamov’s businesses continues in Russia, which was entrusted to the odious “funeral auditor” Eduard Rebgun, known, among other things, for the high-profile case of the “Yukos” oil company. We may suppose that Rebgun, who had previously successfully carried out the delicate instructions of the Russian President, was sent to deal with Islamov’s bankruptcy in order to “replace” Dmitry Patrushev with the “very eastern trail”, toxic for the “Kremlin towers”, in the strictest secrecy. Moreover, this bankruptcy is quite strange, because in 2021 Lenur Islamov continues to be listed as the founder of “RESO Credit Bank (JSC)” with a share of almost 250 million rubles, but he is not mentioned among the owners and beneficiaries of this bank [27], [28].

Islamov and legal epics

Since the period of the “energy blockade”, Islamov has been actively fighting against Seitumer Nimetullayev, a Crimean Tatar who headed the Henichesk State District Administration until 2014. Being afterwards in the Crimea and apparently working on the instructions of the Kremlin’s secret services, Nimetullayev headed one of the Russian-controlled fake “Crimean Tatar public structures”. However, the business interests of the Nimetullayev clan in the Kherson Region still remain quite remarkable, as does his group’s desire to profit from “black trade” with mainland Ukraine. Criminal proceedings have been periodically opened against Nimetullayev [36], but neither the sentences nor the confiscation of his latifundia in areas close to the Crimea have taken place in seven years. At the same time, according to journalists, Nimetullayev’s business, built on drug trafficking, is being used by the occupiers to feed financially the so-called “Friends of Crimea” in European countries.

In 2019-2021, Islamov did not make too harsh statements, but rather he was remembered for the scandals, surrounding the state budget funding of the “ATR” TV channel [10]. Islamov’s name was mentioned in connection with the lawsuit against the “Minister of Health of Crimea” Petro Mykhalchevsky [29]. It created a certain conflict, as Islamov and Mikhalchevsky “worked” in the “government” of Sergei Aksyonov in the spring and summer of 2014, but Mikhalchevsky is now accused, and Islamov is a witness. At the same time, unfortunately, law enforcement officers did not study the role of Mikhalchevsky in the brutal killing of hundreds of Crimean residents, when, during Mikhalchevsky’s stay as “minister”, “health care” liquidated the methadone therapy program. This resulted in the deaths of most drug addicts on the peninsula, who had previously switched drugs to methadone under this state program.

In response to Lenur Islamov’s testimony against Petro Mikhalchevsky, the latter’s lawyer obtained a court ruling ordering the Security Service of Ukraine to file a lawsuit against Islamov over his “work” in Aksonov’s “government”. The news immediately became a hit with Russian propagandists in February 2019, after which the topic was not actively discussed. A new high-profile burst of news about Lenur Islamov occurred in 2020, when a court in Simferopol “charged” the businessman with “creating an illegal armed group, preparing sabotage and encroaching on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”. Islamov was defended by Tyumen lawyer Oleksiy Ladyn, who is involved in many political “processes” in Crimea, with zero results in “wins”.

It is not entirely clear why Lenur Islamov, who is in Kyiv, needed Ladin’s services and relevant “show”, as large sums were obviously spent on “covering the process” and “the work of lawyers”. After all, it is obvious that all the “courts” in Crimea are costumed shows in which armed invaders and looters play the role of “judges”, “police”, “prosecutors”, and this is especially evident in political processes. All “decisions” of the “courts” of the Crimea are legally insignificant, and their only practical value is that such papers become evidences of the systematic war crimes of the Russian Federation in the Crimea. However, Islamov stated that he would apply to the European Court as a result of the trial, and the “sentence” in absentia in the “nineteen years of strict regime” became a good source of information. We will note that in open sources there is no information at all that Islamov somehow tried to apply against the Russian Federation to the international arbitrations, concerning the property taken from him in the Crimea.

As of February 2021, Lenur Islamov is the owner and co-founder of more than 15 companies in Kyiv, Kherson region and Odessa. Somewhere he passes on with his Russian passport, and somewhere with a Ukrainian one, with registration in the Henichesk District [33]. The Ukrainian fragment of his once international empire “Queengroup” is also considered valid. The interests of Islamov and his partners today include television, trade in cars and spare parts, agriculture, protection of public order by the public formation “Asker”.

In general, historical experience shows that the tools to protect the oppressed peoples’ rights are sought and found in a variety of sources. And if someone, very honourable, Qurultay delegate, who, by the way, does not tolerate Mr. Islamov, serves almost publicly as couriers to transport a lot of funds from Ankara’s Altinkaya to Kiev’s Chorna Hora, as well as if someone “young fighter for people’s happiness and especially health” does not hesitate to offer their services for modest sums to anyone, including sertain neighbors through the Carpathians, so why, for example, someone experienced and wise, not to lobby in the Crimean Tatar and Crimean issues of the interests of China for financial support, not always modest?

Unfortunately, Ukrainian society and especially Ukrainian authorities should not be surprised by such rhetorical questions. After all, as we know, nature does not tolerate emptiness.

And if Ukraine does not pay due attention to the problems of its own indigenous peoples, it should not be surprised that others will do it actively.

Ilya Tyukin


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