After Russian criminals gradually appropriated everything valuable from the unfinished nuclear power plant near the Crimean village of Shcholkine, Moscow officials decided to get rich on its ruins. New statement has been circulated in Crimea about the demolition of the remains of the nuclear power plant, till the end of 2021. However, nothing valuable is left on the site now, although the old thick concrete walls of the station that can be used for the classic Russian technology of “constructions from wastes” only. But dismantling and crushing the old and especially strong concrete of the station for such purposes is unprofitable, so the current statements about the dismantling have no economic sense and are the declaration of attempts to steal the “budget money” only.

It is reported that the demolition will be carried out by the “state unitary enterprise” “Center for Integrated Supply of Construction Projects”. The intentions to “master the financing” of this object are based on the personality of the “director” of the “Center”, Ivan Mikhalchevsky. He simultaneously heads this structure and the “state unitary enterprise” “Krymmedtekhnika” also, known for money laundering. This was done by purchasing the Chinese medical devices of questionable quality from the Moscow “Mega-Optim” company.

It is clear that the remnants of the power plant, as an object of special complexity and danger, and the criminal financial laundry “Krymmedtekhnika” have only one thing in common. This is an opportunity to use the above-mentioned structures to launder and cash the criminal proceeds of Russian crime structures and intelligence services. However, the “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov is unlikely to get a few hundred million from the “dismantling the nuclear power plant”. Now the Russian secret services are actively dispersing the “news” about the “drop in confidence” for Aksonov, about his upcoming “resignation”, together with Anton Siluanov, the Russian Minister of Finance.

As exactly this Minister is called as Aksyonov’s partner in cash “kickbacks” in the framework of “federal target program funding” for “development of Crimea”. Most likely, in the context of the crisis in Russia, the main beneficiaries of the “target program” and of $ 13 billion’s “implementation”, the friends of Russian President Rothenbergs, decided to exclude more unnecessary “officials” from their schemes. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin has been appointed as the new manager, completely loyal to Rothenbergs for the processes to “exploration” of the new billions. This official and his appointees are gradually taking away Serhiy Aksyonov’s major “financial authority” from the “target program” issues.

It should be noted that the aught of the Shcholkine power plant is the state property of Ukraine, so any current operations with this object are criminal.