“ARC” has repeatedly reported an increase in the militarization of the occupied peninsula. In particular, it pointed to the aggressive intentions of the Russian Federation to transform the “22nd Army Corps” of the Black Sea Fleet located in the Crimea into a full-fledged all-military army [1]. The main tasks of logistical support of the “corps” with weapons and material resources were assigned by the Russian military command to the “943rd Mobilization Deployment Center” created in 2019 in Novoozerny, where the aggressor has already created significant reserves.

But the material reserves in themselves are worthless if there are no trained people for it. Therefore, the occupier is forced, without hiding his actions and directly ignoring the norms of international law, to carry out an illegal conscription in the Crimea, constantly increasing its quantity. The aggressor is also conducting active ideological training on the peninsula, spreading it to youth, even to the primary school and preschool children.

On February 7, 2021, another event took place, which was extremely important for the creation of the medical reserve of the mobilizing nucleus of the all-military army that is being formed by the aggressor. Invaders opened, with the participation of the “Head of the Republic of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, of the Deputy Chief of the Main Military Medical Department of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General of the Medical Service Oleg Kalachev and of the Crimean collaborator, Rector of the “Crimean Federal University” Andrei Falaleev, a new “training course (cycle) of medical service” at the “Military Training Center” of the Simferopol “Crimean Federal University named after Volodymyr Vernadsky”.

It should be noted that this “Military Training Center” has been training before the “reserve officers” only in the field of “ground artillery”. “Students of all faculties”, represented at the “Crimean Federal University”, except for those “studying medicine”, could undergo military training under this program. Now militarization measures have spread to future doctors [2].

Upon completion of the new training course, “medical students” will receive the “first military officer rank”, with “enrollment in the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”. They will also have the opportunity to “serve in the military in the medical service”. It should be noted that the Russian Governmental Decree of August 29, 1998 № 1009, established, in addition to the existing Soviet-era military medical universities, Samara, Saratov and Tomsk military medical institutes on the basis of military medical faculties. However, in contrast to this system, the current “medical service training course” in Simferopol became for the aggressor state the only one for training military medics on the basis of “civilian” “educational institutions”, not formally subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Defense [3].

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